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Own your identity


You are the center of your data! Manage your identity using a single platform.

For 7B+ People | VIPs | Singles | Families | Members | Groups | Unlimited Things | Places | Events

Key features that define a new digital gold standard:


The personal all-inclusive basis for everything digital. A single platform, a single management, a streamlined open ecosystem for users, customers, members and followers.


Talking Names work with any brand, any platform and on any online device, even on print.


Nearly all processes are automated. ❯ No extra knowledge is required to manage apps and names. ❯

Automated production and delivery of assets, names, name pages and selected VAS.

Extended Social Reach

Everyone can reach anyone on any phone worldwide, with and without the internet.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Closed gap between digital and analogue. TNs can be spoken, read, scanned, printed, typed, tapped, clicked to use them.

No Changes

Users can keep existing media accounts with Meta, WeChat, Line, eMail addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Social Connection

Bringing people, things and services together the social way.


Name pages provide all ways to connect at a unique single place, the users online place under their names: SEO Pac | Connect Page

Connect Pac

A digital service set for families, groups and communities that makes clearly findable, ultra accessible and loudly visible in a single move. | Safer and all-inclusive communications provides closeness everywhere, by text, voice and visually: Conncet Pac

Unified Communication

Our white label mobile app covers: chat, including messaging, voice and video calls, SMS texts, VoIP and mobile calls, file sharing, international vanity numbers, broadcast, eMail service, call recording, VIP numbers and counting.

Connectivity comes with up to 40% greater reach against just internet based services, utilizing 2G-5G networks in 193+ countries plus the wired and wireless internet.


Evertything to make digital a productive experience.


One shot - five global delivery channels to any phone, computer, even print ready.

Social Media

A full fledged communication application including messaging, audio/video calls, VoIP, mobile calls, phone numbers, file sharing and more.

Personal Platform

Empower users with provider power: Now everyone can build the own portal, platform and gateway for getting loud, to involve others and create the very own digital footprint.

Identity that Fits

Names for life. Created and managed by their users, hosted by you.

Smart Identity

Users deep control how they act in the digital realms with disposable, programmable, dezentralised and verified identities: Identity Pac | Connect Pac

Online Address

100% unique and online accessible: Clear text localization of places, people, things and events. Like your postal addresses but freely created.

Name Anything

Online active names for events, places and anything of personal and public value. Give people ultra simple options to make loudly visible what they love and value.

This is Personal!

100% unique and exclusive personal names for on- and offline use. | Users names first is the correct order for social life:

Personal Branding

Self-marketing tools for creators, influencers, thought leaders, experts, speakers and artists: Creator Pac | Earn Pac | VIP|VIA Pac.


High value services for VIPs and Very Important Assets | Art.

Digital Luxury

Digitize and upvalue high value assets: Physical, like hand crafted art and high end products and virtual, like NFTs, media. W/w.o extra monetization.

Monetizing Influence

Professional users can directly earn from their audiences in realtime and internationally: VIP|VIA Pac | Creator Pac

Upvalue Art and Culture

Physical and virtual assets and events hyped, made accessible, w/o paywall: Three steps in one go: VIP|VIA Pac | Earn Pac

Money & Income

Saving and making money with names and identities.

Earn Pac

Artists, creators, experts gain new and easying tools to monetize their influence and products.

Cost Cutter

All in one secures a streamlined service on all communication levels, which saves money, time and brain work.

Trading and Auctions

Asset owners can sell and asset finders can negotiate digital assets at Xtr.Markets

Home & Property

Digital assets valued like realestate, pieces of art.

Digital Homes

Home pages for names, automated and no programming skills required. | Homy gives every domain name a home within moments.

Exclusive Online Places

For animals, values, property, movables, media one likes to promote or share. Can be anything: Pieces of art, a chalet in the Swiss Alps, a sailing boat on the Nile, great applications, sweet moments, adventurous events: Connect Pac | SEO Pac

Precise Online Localisation

Names and Name Pages getting clearly, fast and reliable found - even better than a physical home address - with: SEO Pac | Ad Pac.

Security & Control

No digital without protection and deep control!


Users have 24/7 access to their products, personally or via admins.

Deeper Privacy

In addition to our "less = better" policy we provide privacy beyond the usual encryption. Extra device passwords, optional deletion of content and files, no need to provide credit card details at us and more fine tuning options allows anyone to be a protected member of the online community.

Create and Control

Users create their online names and their own digital world, with all options to control as if they were their own service provider.

Experts & Artists & Creators

Tool set to ❭ be found ❭ connect ❭ reach out.

Digital Merch

Sustainable involvement tools with every day relevance to make a lasting impact: Earn Pac | Creator Pac | VIP|VIA Pac

100% Your Show

Provide the digital basics for influencers, thought leaders, blogging vloggers, speakers: 100% exclusive online identities, SEO perfection and broadcast tools, w/o Earn Pac.

Easy Monetization

Experts shortcut to effortlessly share and earn at the same time. One platform to chat and provide conference calls, to broadcast and to have 1:1 video meetings: It gets instantly billed and automatically invoiced (incl. VAT). | Earn Pac | VIP|VIA Pac

Events & Experiences

Sharing life and love, meaning and awesomeness.

Art of Life

Publishing beauty, adventures, family stories the new way. 100% personal, 100% content control and 100% IPRs.

Legal Pac | Story Pac | Live Pac

Live Moments

Getting the heat and excitement transported to any place with just a phone, its camera and streaming on: Live Pac

Louder Influencing

Hosts, writers, vloggers, thought leaders own their digital platforms, portals and gateways for maximum control and maximum income: All this under your very onw unique name.

Event and Conference Calls

Audio and video online meetings for larger audiences w/w/o instant paywall.

Start a value stream today!


We make profit centers for brands, communities and providers.

Digital assets produced by the AOS are new value streams you own during its entire life cycle.

Key features for standing out:


We make brands and partners great. Your services - your label only.


Provide cloud services owned by you and therefore gain protected control of your and your customers data.

New Values

Add TNs as a new stand alone business unit or dock them with existing platforms and products.

Brand Neutral

Works with any brand. | Can be branded.

Cross Platform

Works on any platform. | Upvalues existing platforms.

Natural Income

TNs are values users pay for with 50+ billable functions and features per asset.

Cross Media Usability

Works with all online devices, even on print.


We extend brand power and social reach.

Loyalty Booster

Getting brand lovers to the next level of loyalty: Connect followers, fans directly with brands and brand names:

Online Authority

Tools to build brand authority on the internet and for the metaverse across platforms and devices.

Involvement Tools

Make customers part of your brand story, ultra personal, even paid.

Personal Branding

Provide tools to make the famous even more outstanding: SEO Pac | VIP|VIA Pac

Brandless Branding

Extend your territory beyond your brand power. We make you own keywords, create magnetic context for search engines and human audiences.

Hype Products and Services

Unique online active names for exclusive products, limited editions and anything special in your industry.


Earning platform services for digital service providers

Central Control

Automated life cycle management of customers, products and services.
Xtr platforms cover: Registration ❭ Shop ❭ Fulfillment ❭ Assets creation ❭ Hosting ❭ Delivery of products and services ❭ Dashboard control ❭ Automated CRM ❭ Automated international invoicing ❭ Customer support ❭ User accounts, inclusive self service ❭ App control and more.

Asset Production

Our platforms manufacture digital products, like names, identities, virtual properties, VAS and therefore start and control value streams.

Assets Operations System

Get the asset production and value stream control inclusive CRM managed by a single streamlined platform service: SoXtr

Xtr provides three platform partnerships: Serviced | Full | Xtr

VIP & Luxury

High value services for VIPs, Very Important Assets and art

Digital Luxury

Buy and trade best virtual properties and start earning from day one.

Monetizing Influence

Professionals can directly earn from their audiences with ease and in real-time.

Upvalue Art & Culture

Physical and virtual assets win new ways getting accessed and monetized.

Sales & Trading

Make and take money - like stock exchange

For Brokers

Trading virtual property is a future expanding market today.

New Ownership

Start manufacturing and selling digital products plus complementary services.

Sell & Trade Assets

The Xtr.Markets provide a trading platform for everyone involved in digital products.


We create and facilitate connectivity of people and services.

Story Engine

Unlimited stories findable by millions, all search engines and automatically accessible just moments after it´s release.

Telecom Networks

With 2G-5G, WiFi and more networks we deliver up to 40% greater reach against just internet based services.

Extended Social Reach

More than five global channels cover 98% of the world population for reaching more people more personal.

Virtual Property

Ownership in the digital realm. Unlike realty we manufacture digital properties and supply the entire value chain.


Claim your territory with the perfect brand names and brandable keywords for your industry: Sport, entertainment, motor, media, finance, property, social, health, art, culture, events and many more areas of life.

Domain Owners

Better and sustainable ways to monetize unused domain names.

IT System Houses

Sell platforms that manufacture and manage digital assets to brands and clients.

Realty and Estate Business

Add unlimited new plots, properties and homes to your portfolio and become an virtual estate creator.

Service Providers

Digital platforms for IT companies that involve and connect.

System Houses

IT extends it´s portfolio with high margin products and sells entire platforms to SME.

Telcos & NSPs & ISPs

Portfolio upgrades for MNOs, MvNOs, and online communication providers, like VoIP, chat and more: Connect Pac | Conect.One

Ads & Marketing

Impact tools for the Global 500 and organisations with audience.

Native SEO

Online active keywords plus brand names are loved by search engines: SEO Pac | Brand Pac

Profit Center

Talking Names generate direct income as users pay for them on a subscription basis.


Tools for influential personalities like creators, thought leaders, experts, speakers, artists.

Involvement Tools

Talk to your customers directly by name and involve them in your brand story.

Boost Accessibility

Effortless ways making everything accessible, even physical things, places, events and more.

Online Active Stories

Make any story interactive and viral.

Virtual Merchandise

Connect audiences, followers and members even closer to brands and products, even on a paid basis.

Human Relations

Provide 1:1 connections with 7B+ people in mind.

Event Calls

Live participation excites the many. Empower the famous to shine even brighter on several channels at the same time, un/paid.

Social Apps

Our white label apps include the usual chat (messaging, audio, video, sharing, group, etc.) plus VoIP and mobile calls, email and local phone numbers plus more VAS.

Thrill Followers

Make fans and audiences even closer with bringing their names with your brand together. Make them part of your brand story.

Enhance Staff and Members

Make co-workers, partners and participants part of your brand story. Give them their exclusive names inclusive your brand.

Privacy & Security

Integrated online protection beyond the usual.


Follow the "less is better" rule or/and provide better encryption: Identiy Pac | Security Pac

Deeper Control

Users and providers gain effective tools to manage their own digital world as if they were their own service provider.

Protect Existing Accounts

Our Identity Wall helps users to protect the personal online accounts from the various providers.

All digital under one roof. Yours!

Own your platform, connectivity and applications.


for an all social world.


We all talk to communicate. We communicate to do things together, expressing love, trust and what we want.

We make tools for people. Precision tools based on human creativity and needs, always starting with identity and effective ways to make this known in virtual and real worlds by a single move.

We share our benefits with business partners to brands, organisations and communities.


Get your name

Identity and complementary services.

Own new land

Virtual property as a service.