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Xtr has invented a new user controlled identity creation and management system, plus business oriented marketing names for brands, communities and organisations with larger audiences. Talking Names work online and offline. TNs are provider, brand and platform neutral, work on any online device, even on print. The TN marked gives you names for life Xtr.

Personal Names

The name creation and management is in the hands of the user. The optional Homy service makes the name a home on the internet and in the metaverse alike. Users keep their digital set-up as it is. Means, users keep all services as they are: Phone numbers, email and website addresses, social media accounts, now under one roof on one page. Unlike your home address you now have an online address created by you. Similar to your home you now have a home for your entire digital set-up. You can be found with 100% certainty. All your broadcast and publishing channels are at a single place. All others need to know from you is your home ID. Your name card never needs a change as it needs just a single internet active name to know your current contact details and anything else you want to share to the world.

Names for brands and business

TNs create value, life time income, social reach and personalised interaction. Especially brands gain more power through brandless branding. How? By owning the keywords and by contexting them in domain names: Examples: | | Want to connect closest to members, customers, audiences? Give them names. How? Place their names into the URL. Example: | | .. The tap/click leads to a promotion page or similar. Members, fans can get assigned a member domain name affiliated with your brand or organisation.

Xtr does

Domain names for Sale | Lease | Rent: Find .com and other domains for branding, marketing and boosting your influence in the digital worlds. The Xtr space is perfect for ads in dedicated niches, like Xtr.Social | Xtr.Events | Xtr.Health | Xtr.Media | Xtr.Business and more. The Xtr.Market allows anyone to get names, Homy pages, email addresses, phone numbers from a single source.

Homy does

Digital homes for an advanced on/offline lifestyle. Be at home on the internet, in the metaverse and with print. Bridge the digital gap within minutes with worldwide impact. Homy meets several needs: a. Unifies and simplifies digital for users. b. Edifies your new name from Talking.Name with an instantly available web site. c. Create your own online identity relevant for all aspects of life: Private, business, virtual, secure. d. Take privacy in your own hands without efforts, without extra knowledge.