The Assets Operations System

The one-stop shop for everything digital

Produce, control and deliver identity products.

For People

Make customers, followers and consumers benefit even more from you.

For Brands

Going ultra-personal and boosting brand authority at the same time.

For Partners

Three partnerships that make everyone win: Serviced | Full | XPartner.

For Providers

Involvement tools for industries and organizations with larger audiences.

For Marketing

Direct life-time income makes marketing profit centers.

For Things & Services

Digital localization of everything online and offline. Id anyting like places, events, products,

Value Added Services

Additional service power that upgrages both physical and digital products, provides greater diversity, perfects user experience and allows more billable features.

Chat Total

The communication platform plus our multi talented apps for phones and computers provide uniqueness: Full-flegded chat plus VoIP plus mobile calls for reaching any number and phone worldwide from any country.

Event Calls

Video conferencing with audiences, members, followers, with optional paywall.

OTA Services

Mobile verification, real-time security checks and global M2M, LBS and IoT connectivity for services providers.


Brands, loud voices, famous people talk to their audiences directly and exclusively on several broadcast channels by just a single action.

Call Recording

Audio/video documents for business, VIP calls and just vor fun, always on or per call.

Vanity Numbers

Phone numbers for rent in 60+ countries for receiving and making calls worldwide even without the internet.

Email Addresses

We created an integrated and smarter email service, from redirect to ConnectPac.

Global Messaging

Texting to any mobile phone worldwide for free or at super affordable rates.

Automated Websites

Moments after users have entered their details their personal page goes live with just their names. > Name Pages

Customer Relations

Everything for making customers happier. The CR module is an integral part of the AOS.

AI Triggered

Let users choose to auto-optimise their online experiences.

Automated CRM

The AOS controls the life cycles of customers through all phases: Test - Live - Lost. | Everything from AI managed customer self-management to real expert live support.

Paid VAS & Merch

Get customer relation services paid by the customers. | The optional shop let´s you sell easily an without extra programming.

Sticky Loyalty Tools

Names are like identities and will rarely be changed. | Customer enhancing VAS involve on a preferred lifetime subscription basis.

After Sales Machine

After payment is before payment: The included service world provides with 50+ billable services that upgrade digital assets and bring more relevant value to customers und members.

Analytics & Reporting

The AOS reports on customers, meta data, their spendings, purchases, support tickets and more.

Rewards & Online Cash

Boost customer success and member happyness with relevant gifts and income opportunities.

Life-Cycle Management

Name customers have to stick with you. | The AOS empowers even smaller businesses with an automated and adjustable Test | Live | Lost customer management.

Customer Self-Management

Users control assets and services personally or by admins. They manage settings, content and add/remove services in real-time 24/7.

International & Multi Language

Ivoicing: Any currency and local VAT. | Applications and support teams are ready with up to seven languages.

Digital Assets Factory

The AOS empowers users, creators, brands and any business to create and manage digital products and services.

Brand Tools

Add relevant and billable features to your services and products to make them even more unique and usable.

Creator Tools

Facilitate content creators, inspirational personalities and anyone with online impact with an automated set of digital tools for gaining even more impact, plus optional monetization.

Identity Engine

Consumers and organisations can create and register unique and exclusive digital identities on a lifetime basis. | Service providers can offer indentity giving services to customers and business clients.

One-Stop Shop

Digital assets as a service (DAaaS), as a fully business ready application: Start a new value stream today.

Virtual Ownership

We make owners: Individuals can manage digital assets they have created. | Service providers gain the power to create digital products and control the entire value stream.

Global Management

Keep control of digital and physical assets where ever they are. See Communication

Income & Profits

New and paid value streams for brands, marketing and large audiences. | An earning ecosystem of digtial services for everyone.


We sell reach. Five channels to reach 98% of the world population by a single move.


High value assets for the famous, for luxury and art > Earn Pac.


The AOS provides the selling, auctioning and trading of assets and Talking Names. | Deal makers can count on up to 15% profit sharing.

Earn Pac

Five ways to make everyone earn: Trade | Access | Communication | Rewards | Online Cash: The AOS manages and automates all income steps.

Value Starter

Each newly created asset is a fresh value stream you can earn from on a life-time basis.

Profit Sharing

Xtr partners benefit from up to 85% on product sales and up to 15% on project sales.

Additional Income

Users pay for complementary and upgrading services in addtion to the core products. | Margins are that comfortable you can start a business with.

Make Cutomers Earn

And get your share from each deal.

50+ Billable Functions & Features

Digital products contain dozens of options users pay for on a One | Multiple | Life time basis.

Digital Platforms

We make platforms for platform providers and product owners to gain deeper control and to achieve more value streams.


High quality hosting at accredited hosting providers, at co-locations where the services are required.

Ultra Integral

You can do both: All-inclusive business-readay, from shop to fulfilment, from CRM and automated invoicing to native VAS: Everything harmonised from a single source on a single management interface. | Have it integrated into existing platforms and service structures.

Sell Platforms

XPartners are entitled to sell the Xtr portfolio inclusive platforms to brands and B2B clients.

Service Delivery

Global, cross-platform and brand-neutral delivery to any phone, online device and POS, even as print

Shops & Trading

Order a branded shop inclusive fulfillment as Serviced Partner. | Trade and auction own and all kinds of digital assets.

Platform Partners

Serviced Partners just sell, while Xtr does the rest. | Full Platform Partners gain full control of their AOS.

Asset Manufacture

We originate digital products, add matching VAS and provide management tools for controlling the entire value chain: Name Engine | Connect Pac | Story Engine |

Streamlined Services

The AOS unifies, automates and orchestrades digital services. The result: A cockpit experience for beginners and exprienced users and providers.

Delivering Applications

Get your services out there - to any user and device.

App Inclusion

Unlike most apps our applications try to include applications users already use. Why? We focus usability and user comfort. | For businesses with existing apps we build SDKs (app in app programs).


Talking Names work on Apple, Windows, Linux, most OS providers, all online devices. They work across brands and with all known technology providers.

Service Delivery

We provide all kinds of applications to make services work anywhere, starting from online and mobile apps to phones and dedicated POS.

Connecting Apps

Closing the gap between people, services and things by chat, calls, IoT and remote control: Communication


Provide users with true control power and less limitations to express themselves. | The AOS delivers provider power to platform partners, from full admin rights to dashboard.

Soft and Hardware

We deliver both, standard and dedicated applications able to reach 98% of the world population.

Built-In Shop & Trading

Apps and online accounts inherit opportunities to up/downgrade and to trade digital assets.

Cross-Platform Applicable

Talking Names work on all platforms, phones, tablets, computers and POS.


Bringing people together and services.


As international mobile virtual network enabler we help telecoms for more service power and new income streams.


With GSM-LTE-WiFi networks at hand we provide access to potentially 98% of the world population, which is 40% beyond just internet based services.

Social Media

The Connect Pac provides a comprehensive unified communication service including chat (messaging, audio, video, sharing), VoIP, mobile calls, vanity numbers, broadcast, event calls and more.

All social media features and function at VAS

Real-Time OTA

With Xtr´s SIM applications we provide safe over the air access to any device and POS for free or at lowest rates.

Connect Anything

Privide exclusive access to anything, any place, to events and experiences, to products, services and media of all kinds.

Global Connectivity

Talking Names can be used in 193+ countries via the internet and via GSM networks.

Billing & Invoicing

Currencies, VAT and less accounting.

Bill Anything

We provide total control of each value stream generated by digital assets. You set the rates for one-time payments, lifetime subscriptions, setup charges and more.

Each Talking Name allows 50+ billable functions and features.

Automated Invoices

Realtime invoicing saves accounting time and expenses: Invoices moments after payments, automatically sent to the inbox.

International Invoicing

Showing international VAT. Users automatically get invoices after each payment, reflecting the local VAT. | Customers can request statements after each service usage.

Support & Integration

How Xtr gets digital services up and running?


Hosting and connectivity enjoys telecom level uptimes of up to 99.8%. | Related to applications the SLA of third party providers applies. | Our three hosting levels result in three service levels: Shared | Dedicated | Exclusive hosting, which are pointed out in the specific agreements. | The AOS provides tech support for your system administrators and 1st line support, inclusive ticketing.


Three integration levels are possible, for Serviced Platform | Full Platform | XPartners.

User Support

In addition to the standard technical support and ticketing we provide optional 1st line support, optional during your office hours or 24/7.

Tech Support

Your tech admins and customer support get full technical assistance.

Analytics & Reporting

The AOS reports on the system, value streams, customers, online performance.

Security & Privacy & IPR

One system with all the security layers.


You set the rules: Be it "less is better" rules, deletion rules, extra passwords, VPNs, ... you name it.


Travelling data protection, on devices and on the servers can be set by you. Applications generally come at least with 256bit encryption and SSL certificates included. So you are good to start quick.

Smart Identity

We create secured identities to significantly increase online security and ID ownership. > Identity Pac | Security Pac

Global OTA Access

With SIM applications we provide safest over the air access to any device and POS for free or at lowest international rates. | Banks and institutions with privacy critical services can own their wireless access to customer phones and remote devices.

Intellectual Property

More than just branded. The AOS empowers with owner rights.

Get your name

Identity and complementary services.

Own new land

Virtual property as a service.